IAMFA Conference:

Past & Future

The annual IAMFA Conference is in different host city each year. 
Below is the list annual conference host cities in the coming years:

2018: Los Angeles, California
2019: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2020: Melbourne and Hobart, Australia

Take a look at where we’ve been over the years:
2017: Ottawa / Gatineau, Canada
2016: Boston, Massachusetts 
2015: Chicago, Illinois
2014: Edinburgh, Scotland
2013: Washington, D.C.
2012: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2011: Auckland, New Zealand
2010: San Francisco, California
2009: Washington, D.C.
2008: London, England
2007: Ottawa, Canada
2006: Los Angeles, California
2005: Bilbao, Spain
2004: Boston, Massachusetts


2016 IAMFA Gala at the Harvard Art Museums