Conference Presentations

See below for a list of presentations provided at previous conferences.  Some are available for download, others are not available due to restricted content.  If you would like to inquire further about their contents/authors please do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected] for assistance.

2018 - Los Angeles, USA

2018 AGM Los Angeles

Getty Conservation Institute Collections Environment Update (Joel Taylor, GCI Project Specialist, Getty Conservation Institute)

Getty Center Building Management System (BMS) Upgrade (Guy Larocque, Head of Engineering & Maintenance / Johan Uyttewaal, Head of Capital Projects, J. Paul Getty Trust)

Collections Storage Expansion - Case Study (Michael Garcia, Dir. of Facilities / Everett Drayton, Dir. of Security / LaLena Lewark, Sr. Dir. of Collections & Conservation / Richard Moll, Chief Conservator)

Steensen Varming Presentation: New Horizons in Museum Lighting

Effective Benchmarking (Bob Lambe, CFM, Facility Issues)

Mid-City Cultural Growth (Diana Vesga, Chief Operating Officer, LACMA)

Presentation & Tour of Chinese Garden: Past, Present & Future (Larry Burik, Vice President of Facilities / Jim Folsom, Director of Botanical Gardens)

Cultural Property Emergency Planning & Response (Bob Combs, Director of Security, J. Paul Getty Trust)

Sustainable Food Service (Fedele Bauccio, CEO & Cofounder, Bon Appétit Management Company)

2017 - 2018 Getty Villa Renovation (Lauren Friedman, Campus Architect, J. Paul Getty Trust / Fred Fisher, Frederick Fisher & Partners Architects)

Integrated Pest Management (Dave Samec, Chief of Facilities, National Gallery of Art)

Facilities Challenges: Public Theater Production within a Cultural Property (Michael Nauyok, Facilities Assistant Director, J. Paul Getty Trust)

2017 - Ottawa, Canada

Renovating the Canadian History Hall - Lessons Learned by Guy Larocque

Maximizing Value with Operations and Maintenance: The Budget Challenge, Our Contract Solution by Patrick Jefferson
P3 Delivery Method for Gatineau 2 Facility Project by Terresa McIntosh

NAC Construction Project by Andrew Wisniowski

Glazing Replacement Project by Mark Van Dalen

Construction of a new Canada Science and Technology Museum building by Simon Aubin

Climate Guidelines in the Light of Risk Assessment by Stefan Michalski

2017 Benchmarking Summary by Robert Lambe

Designing for Accessibility - Experiences at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights by Dave Noseworthy

Dynamic Buffer Zone; Protecting Heritage Fabric from Internal Environmental Conditions while Offering Structural Capabilities to Exhibition Designs by Martin Leclerc

Steensen Varming - Contracting with Consultants by Chris Arkins

Steensen Varming - Consultants, A Fine Dining Experience by Emrah Ulas


2016 - New England

Expansion and Renovation at PEM: Bob Monk, Phillip Johns, Jay Finney (PEM)
Security Staffing: Jeanne O’Toole and Doug Hall (Smithsonian Institution)
Reliability-Centered Maintenance: Kendra Gastright (Smithsonian Institution)
Building Automation and Security in Cyberspace: Jon Williamson (BCM Controls and Schneider Electric)
Renzo Piano's Expansion and Renovation at Harvard Art Museums: Peter Atkinson (Harvard), Charles Klee (Payette) and Kerim Evin (Skanska)
Museum Lighting: Emrah Baki Ulas (Steensen Varming) and Ken Kane (LSI)
Web-based and Wireless Lighting Control: Chuck Piccirillo (Osram Sylvania)
Norman Foster's MFA Project: David Geldart (MFA), Chad Reilly (HDR/CBT), Emil Hoogendoorn (GID/Moriarty) and Matthew Siegal (MFA Conservation and Collections Management)
Modern Thermohygrometry: Paul Daniel (Vaisala)
Facility Issues - Cultural Institution Benchmarking Overview - Keith McClanahan
Gas Phase Filtration: Chris Ecob/Thiel (Camfil)
Renzo Piano's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Project: Jim Labeck (ISGM), Yogan Kim (RPBW) and Tony Miliote (Shawmut)


2015 - Chicago

Sustainable Museum Lighting By Ken Kane, Lighting Services Inc
Maintenance of Renewable Energy Systems,  Tom DeBates, Habi-Tek
Vibration Management By Arne Johnson and Robert Hannen (Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Bill Caddick and Frank Zuccari, (Art Institute of Chicago)

2014 - Scotland

2014 IAMFA Benchmarking Results and Trends
Energy Management, The National Library of Scotland Way
Transformation - The National Museum of Scotland
Back to the Future - Adapting Heritage Buildings into Modern Museums and Galleries (takes a moment to load)
The Making of the New Rijksmuseum
The Mary Rose Museum
The World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre at the British Museum
Ensuring a Sustainable Future for Properties in the Care of Historic Scotland
The Development of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery - 3 Years On
Introduction - National Galleries of Scotland

2013 - Washington, D.C.

Fire Protection and Life Safety at the Library of Congress
Climate Responsive Building Envelops for Museums and Galleries
Benchmarking Facility Performance Metrics
Protecting the Star Spangled Banner
ERCO LED Lighting
Sustainability vs Animal Welfare Case Study at the National Zoo
Collections Storage Facility Plan at the Library of Congress
Improved Chilled Water Plant Performance
Fundamentals of the Organic Approach at Glenstone